The Winner Panda T-Shirt

The Winner Panda T Shirt

You don’t know what I wear, or what I eat. Yes animals have always been killed, does that mean they always should? Genuine question. Also surely we all know that the The Winner Panda T-Shirt won’t be able to sustain the mass farming of billions of animals (greenhouse gases are worse than all other pollution, too much water usage, they take up space and ruin land and they eat the world’s grains, so that people can then eat them).

The Winner Panda T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

The Winner Panda Hoodie
The Winner Panda Sweater
The Winner Panda Longsleeve

So fair enough you don’t agree with factory farming as in generations to come it will not be sustainable at all. I won’t really comment on killing things ‘humanely’ that don’t want to be killed. Every time you eat fruit vegetables, nuts or grains spare a thought for all the animals and birds killed to protect those crops. By eating meat and drinking dairy 14400 acres of rainforest is cleared per DAY to feed and hold those The Winner Panda T-Shirt.

The Winner Panda T-Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

The Winner Panda Tanktop
The Winner Panda Ladies
The Winner Panda V Neck
V Neck

So having those sources of sustenance (which is not needed but is the fact people like to eat meat i was a The Winner Panda T-Shirt meat eater myself) you are not only killing those meat animals but also all the wonderful rainforest life which are protected if poached but for meat industry clearing killing them is totally fine. Each pint of milk you drink each pound of meat you are killing rainforest animals. Also majority of medicines come from rainforest source plants.

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