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The ensuring that Acts are not forced on us that are not fit for purpose.  there are two problems with your argument in relation to this video clip: the first one is that if that is indeed what Chope is simply doing, then Theresa May failed to say that in his defence. She clearly doesn’t believe he is doing that otherwise she would simply have said it. Secondly, read this This Way Two-Seater T-Shirt here.

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However I stopped reading when the This Way Two-Seater T-Shirt of the article started by saying: “that parliament still has procedures that allow bills to be stopped by one backbencher is one in a long list of stupidities about our parliament. I’d explain it to you but I don’t understand it and, unlike Chope, I have a life.” If she can’t be bothered to read up on why such Bills might need to be stopped.

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How on earth can she fairly judge Chope and expect her arguments to have any validity? She’s an MP, so she should know about these procedures and be able to explain them: improving public engagement with Parliament and politics doesn’t seem to be high on her agenda. You might also need to think about how likely it is that her article would be written without a little bit of This Way Two-Seater T-Shirt bias?

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