Q Joe Sal & Murr Shirt

Q Joe Sal & Murr Shirt

To be part of a certain group and to laugh at another group just makes you as bad as the other group. I feel it’s time that a list of certain people come together to put their weapons at the door. It will be a talk about how we can do every action out of pure love and then let the universe do the rest. These people will show the world that they have come as one and there is no such thing as race. They will be all the Q Joe Sal & Murr Shirt.

Q Joe Sal & Murr Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

Q Joe Sal & Murr Hoodie
Q Joe Sal & Murr Longsleeve
Q Joe Sal & Murr Sweater

They are all to come to meet Sadguru and he will work his magic. The Q Joe Sal & Murr Shirt world will look on because I want the whole world to be awakened. Please walk on the street with your friends, Aryan Brotherhood and BRAtva, protect you, if die we go in big!!! Please walk on the street in New York on the morning, for me!!! There you go taking my breath away again,heard you were coming to Vancouver soon? The city couldn’t be more blessed by your beauty, my lady.

Q Joe Sal & Murr Shirt, Tanktop, V-Neck, Ladies T-Shirt

Q Joe Sal & Murr V Neck
V Neck
Q Joe Sal & Murr Ladies
Q Joe Sal & Murr Tanktop

Simply a sight for sore eyes. It’s truly amazing how just looking at another person can cheer you up. Bring you joy. Make you smile. This face does that and so much more for me. I would be typying until next week before I finished…giving all the Q Joe Sal & Murr Shirt…what this face does to me and for me!!!  I only write because I wanted to thank you for every moment that listening to your songs or seeing you acting made my day.

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