Nature Is So Smart Shirt

Nature Is So Smart Shirt

Must be a very safe place where she lives for three (!) police officers to have nothing better to do than to take her down and humiliate her in public. Absolutely disgraceful, I hope they will be held accountable . Shameful excess caused by over-reaction by a Nature Is So Smart Shirt. After this, customers will stop complaining about their meals, and overlook bullying.

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All people have rights, and to be treated with respect. Absolutely disgraceful BBC. You are wilfully misrepresenting what happened as click bait and to push an agenda. From other reports it would appear this lady was drunk abusive to staff and generally acting in a Nature Is So Smart Shirt manner which in most country’s is likely to get you locked up. I would say to protect the public from overzealous managers and staff.

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When a company decides it wishes to ask someone to leave an area open to the public, when they have not committed any crime. They must refund any money the Nature Is So Smart Shirt has spent on the premises and give written notice of the reason for asking them to leave.  This failure to comply with company policy, turning into a police matter is not acceptable use of public money, police time and in many cases appears to breach human rights.

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