I’m Stickin’ With Jesus Shirt

I'm Stickin' With Jesus Shirt

If Kelloggs doesn’t pay for the shipments, and doesn’t authorize shipments to Venezuela, the factory is going to sit empty after a I’m Stickin’ With Jesus Shirt while unless Venezuela produces its own corn supply. I am pretty sure that the USA would also have laws in place that regulate how essential industries (like food) are prioritized and would be kept running during crisis.

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Has nothing to do with Socialism or Communism really. Easy to make a joke about this but people should take the high ground. Imagine if one morning you woke up and there were no corn flakes. Since when cornflake is counted as essentials again? If your country is in a I’m Stickin’ With Jesus Shirt crisis, you wouldn’t waste good corns to make cornflakes.

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This is just government trying to grasp whatever money they can. Typical “return to the people’s hand”. Who is the people? The ruling party is. I should know. I came from a I’m Stickin’ With Jesus Shirt with a similar propaganda tactic. Andreas it has everything to do with socialism. It appears you have learned nothing from your countries past.

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