I call Bull shit shirt

I Call Bull Shit Shirt

If it was written by an I call Bull shit shirt saboteur in the trump administration they’re probably not gonna want to step forward any time soon because the conventional wisdom is its backfired in the sense that it has given trump evidence of what he and a bunch of us have been saying that there is a coup a silent coup going on to get rid of him to get him out of office this kind of proved it so this person whoever he or she is may have stepped in it by actually doing it they may not come forward. Its so good that Obama and the Democrats are running around trying to claim credit for it now which is laughable there honestly is no way these economic numbers could be reached this kind of economic activity could not happen under Obama administration policies they just couldn’t Obama would have left the tax rates where they were if not increased them Hillary Clinton would have done the same. Depending on your moral code but the creativity the content has never been better there is more television today good tv more options remember when we were growing up there were three networks and that was it I don’t mean to be harping on that

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During the I call Bull shit shirt day just to your radio show and my son came in for lunch and he goes mom why are you listening to our rush revere book without us he was really mad. It is obvious to me but I guess not a whole lot of people can say it but this is a setup its a thorough entire setup its gotta be a setup and the Senate ought to deal with it as though its a setup if she doesn’t show up then go ahead with the vote and now the accuser is saying she can’t show up she wont show up until the FBI investigates ladies and gentlemen the whole business of the FBI investigating something that’s 36 years old is dubious at best. I realize it matters like this I still sometimes come across as naïve and I don’t care I really don’t the idea that these people run around and broadcast proudly the idea that the accuser don’t have to prove anything that the accuser doesn’t have to corroborate you realize what all of this means you realize how easy it is now to derail anything the united states senate is doing

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Ladies and gentlemen, there’s an I call Bull shit shirt lot of stuff happening out there that is being overshadowed by this story and to a certain extent the hurricane Florence and the aftermath in the Carolinas but I want to pass this on to you because this is important work that’s being done out there by project veritas James o Keefe has released another batch of secret videotapes that he made with people in what he’s calling the deep state at homeland security and the department of justice. Is anybody concerned about the fairness to Brett Kavanaugh in all this you know all of a sudden now the accuser is the focal point of everything here and nobody seems to be concerned about whether Kavanaugh is being treated fairly in any of this and that needs to be an element of this as well? Byron York reminds us that hill testified in October 1991 that Thomas harassed her in 1991 and 82 that’s like ten years before far more recent than Christine blase ford’s 36-year-old charge against Kavanaugh

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