Hurry Up George T-Shirt

Hurry Up George T Shirt

I think raising welfare is a more useful Hurry Up George T-Shirt than veganism…you’ll not convert most people. I dont understand why people insistently are eating pork.People prefer to eat an animal which has poor digestion system and eats everything including its own babies.On the other hand cows,for instance, have more sophisticated digestion system and those animals are vegetarian,too.

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Why don’t they just humanely electrute and use compressed air to shoot a bolt through their brain like they do for cows? Why is co2 so essential? Surely the pigs suffocate slowly? Why can’t the bbc explain the process instead of just giving us half the story? There are a lot of people in this thread erroneously assuming that birth control always prevents pregnancy and that all women who become pregnant consented to the sex. Where are you from? It must be a lovely Hurry Up George T-Shirt.

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It reminds me of the place I heard about where the good are always rewarded and the wicked punished for their misdeeds. So if a girl gets raped resulting in a pregnancy she not only has to deal with the ramifications of the rape but will be forced to carry what would probably feel like a demon in her Hurry Up George T-Shirt as a daily reminder of the ordeal with all of the pleasantries of being pregnant.

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