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If it’s such a wipespread problem in the uk, where are the prosecutions? Surely checking girls from certain cultures would be racial profiling therefore illegal. The same as all the murders in londo – don’t dare stop an ethnic and check if they’re breaking the law because it’s racist! It is an antiquated social practice, in time hopefully with further education that it is finished with, once and for all Great Dane Mom Shirt.

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They are most certainly human, and evil does not come into it. Superstisious folklore should be replaced by modern medical and ethical standards with full human rights respected. Sadly in those backward countries where the superstitious Great Dane Mom Shirt beliefs are still cultivated, preaching modern white man medicine is likely to get you killed.

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Search the Great Dane Mom Shirt we can’t finally kill polio. It’s concentrated in one small area of Pakistan yet the locals are so religiously superstitious they will kill vaccination crews. Your bigotry is showing. As the great leader obama has said diversity is our strength. What gives white people the right to pick and choose what parts of a culture is right?

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