Cute Her Carl Shirt

Cute Her Carl Shirt

In my opinion, what he and the other Brave Lads of 617 Squadron did, dropping Barnes Wallis bouncing bomb, at 60 feet, at an exact distance, in the dark, with Flak firing against them and on top of that managing to destroy those Ruhr Dams was the most spectacular, daring and unorthodox raid of the Cute Her Carl Shirt.

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It did manage to stop some of the enemy war production for a while. May 17 should be a National Holiday every year in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and here in Canada, where many Canadians took part in the Dam Busters Raid. Many Canadians died in their Lancasters during the Cute Her Carl Shirt.

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I had the opportunity to meet some of the relatives of the Canadian participants of the Raid. I recall when I was in Hill House International School in London, England, our Headmaster, Colonel Townsend, who by the way fought in the Second World War, screened the Movie “The Dam Busters” on the Anniversary of the Cute Her Carl Shirt.

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