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Obviously, you have Samantha Guerry who wants to support her bud her BFF Christine blase ford but not getting anywhere near naming Kavanaugh you note that’s the Chicken Whisperer wearing glasses shirt take away here, in fact, she makes it very clear not Kavanaugh. Its so good that Obama and the Democrats are running around trying to claim credit for it now which is laughable there honestly is no way these economic numbers could be reached this kind of economic activity could not happen under Obama administration policies they just couldn’t Obama would have left the tax rates where they were if not increased them Hillary Clinton would have done the same. A lot of people think it is and that Trump is waiting for a propitious time to declassify some of these things he has alluded to doing it I may have to get involved he said at some point may have to get involved he has said

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Bernstein’s had to go in hiding here because he put his byline to a Chicken Whisperer wearing glasses shirt phony fake story on CNN that can still wont retract after everybody else has this is the Lanny Davis sorry I got it wrong story Woodward and can have not retracted that because they gotta protect him Bernstein and CNN haven’t retracted it because they gotta protect Bernstein’s reputation. That poor guy that was Lewis there Russ Lewis I hope he doesn’t get canned for getting it right this was during the period of time I was discussing the fact that there was also gonna be pig manure which is also another old wives tale that comes from hurricane Katrina I even pointed out and I had that website and I showed it here I pointed out there’s no way it could rain sharks. Stop and think that everybody for the first time in our memory asks impression what about people that afford because of our bad economy who can’t afford to evacuate that don’t have the money for a hotel or to buy gas what are though people supposed and her the point is impression well the democrat party has no problem getting people to the polls just have the democrat party send a bunch of buses out to help people evacuate I love the idea

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The answer to why is eminently simple judge Cavenaugh was nominated this has gone on weeks longer than the Chicken Whisperer wearing glasses shirt average confirmation process he’s eminently qualified. As I look back on it there wasn’t any real news during the week last week there’s just a bunch of ginned up hysteria from the media and from the american left the democrat party who want you to focus on what it is that upsets them they remain obsessed with changing your minds they remain obsessed with being able to bend shape flake and form public opinion. This is becoming common and becoming widespread and all of this is coming from people who are genuinely unhinged and they re certainly not educated and they re not intelligent and what’s in the crosshairs with this is the first amendment these people on the left are making a beeline for freedom of speech and come one thing or another they re going to find a way to deny it to you and anybody that they can and they re not above using violence and threats to do so

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