Charlie Don’t Surf Shirt

Charlie Don't Surf Shirt

Did y’all even know on election night of November 2008 that Charlie Don’t Surf Shirt of the GOP and House Senators set up meetings to oppose anything Obama tries to pass from day one? Why? You couldn’t possibly tell me because of his policies because he wasn’t inaugurated in office yet. What did Obama do so wrong that y’all can’t be grateful we haven’t had more hard times yet.

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Bush was fighting his fathers war from the Persian Gulf war so he needed a reason to get to Iraq and Iran. Why because the Bush family owns a profitable oil company. In short he made a Charlie Don’t Surf Shirt with an allied family through the Bin Ladins that’s why they didn’t wanna taken him out. They’re were in Business. Well the deal since the Persian Gulf War costs lives for the Bin Ladins and they wanted revenge.

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George W. Bush knew about the warnings and called the Bin Ladin’s Bluff. The war in Iraq was a reason to get back to the oil “Principles”. Its radical islamic business…”you want my oil I want the lives you took from mine…thus 9/11 happened. Y’all Charlie Don’t Surf Shirt so blind by that fact thay we been blaming ignorantly Muslims for everything. But Bush did an good job?

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