Black Cat Rawr Shirt

Black Cat Rawr Shirt

I think it’s probably a good idea, as motorway driving does require a specific set of skills that you won’t learn by tootling round a housing estate. If they’re doing this right near the end of their training so that they are already familiar with the basics, then it should be fine. I think what would help is that all lorries and articulate lorries only use the slow lane and overtake in the Black Cat Rawr Shirt.

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As l find it’s them more than the Learners…just my Black Cat Rawr Shirt. It’s about time I’m absolutely petrified to drive anywhere near a motorway or anything that is the equivalent to it! I wish we had this opportunity closer to the end of being ready for our drivers test would make things alot more comfortable for new drivers!

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It’s not going to cause more accidents as it’s down to the instructor to know when your ready to deal with a multi lane motorway! This will definitely help more drivers out I really do wish it was inplace along time ago! when the learner has had some experience of driving alone on ordinary roads first. You cannot replace experience by pushing them into joining a Black Cat Rawr Shirt.

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